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File a Complaint

You can use this form to securely send an email message to the Santa Barbara County. If desired, you can attach a document (such as a photo) from your computer’s hard drive or your phone’s camera.

If you experience any problems with this form, please contact the County Webmaster

What is the general nature of your complaint?

Location Information

The parcel number where the alleged violation is occurring is needed for your inspection to be processed. If you are unaware of the parcel number, click here to determine it.

Reporting Party Confidential Information:

Your personal information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL, however all required fields must be completed before we accept a complaint. We strongly recommend attaching photos of the alleged violation, as photo documentation would greatly enhance our ability to successfully respond to your complaint.

We will call you if we have a question about your message or a problem opening your document.

We may use this to contact you if we have a question about your message or a problem opening your document. By providing a cell phone number or email address, you consent to receiving text messages or unsecured emails from us.

Description of Complaint:

Please attach documents:

Please only send image (photos) or PDF documents.

If you need to send us a photo or other document, you can attach it or take a picture of it with your phone here. Please only upload image files (jpeg, png, gif, bmp) or PDF documents.

Need to upload more than one file or photo? Hold down the ctrl key (cmd key on a Mac) and click the files you wish to send. All files must be in the same folder. On a phone, follow your system's instructions on how to select multiple files.

The maiximum file upload size is 40 MB

Ready to Send!

If you requested follow up communication and did not receive a reply, you may email Thank you.